Connector Platform

The TRIUM Connector Platform is our network of selected freelance clinical research professionals across the globe, each consultant adding value with specific expertise. The TRIUM Connector Platform expands and continues to evolve each day, enabling TRIUM to provide high quality services in each indication and each geography.

The TRIUM Connector Platform is managed by our Staffing Solutions department to have fast access to a large pool of clinical research professionals.

Freelance Jobs

Tailored Matchmaking
TRIUM selects the independent consultants through in-depth CV review, a personal interview and a check of referrals.

Quality and Flexibility
Freelance professionals are very experienced in their field, deliver good quality, are client focused and offer the maximum level of flexibility, since they are working for their own business. This attitude of excellence is key to TRIUM and offers clients the best value for money.

Specific Expertise
Each professional has his/her own expertise and background. Their in-depth knowledge of the local procedures and regulatory requirements provides significant advantages for study setup and start-up. The TRIUM Connector Platform assures access to this knowledge and expertise, with the main goal to help clients in their strategic and operational clinical research planning.

Global coverage
Building up and maintaining the network with qualified resources enables TRIUM to staff clinical research projects in Europe and beyond, while keeping travel costs as low as possible. TRIUM’s core team can manage the coordination of the CRA team as per the client’s preference.

Fast and Efficient Access to Freelance Resources
Companies looking for freelance resources have immediate access to a large number of potential resources. Contacting TRIUM to find out who has the right qualifications and availability will save you time and work. 
  • No strings attached: Joining the platform is free. As a consultant, you do not engage in any commitment, exclusivity or any other form of obligation towards TRIUM.
  • Total freedom: TRIUM commits to inform you of any selected opportunity, applicable to your profile. You are free to apply for the opportunity.
  • Referral fee: TRIUM rewards Consultants with a referral fee when he/she presents a unique freelance opportunity to TRIUM, which will be executed under a TRIUM Consultancy Agreement. The referral fee is defined as 2,5% of the entire turnover of the referred project during the first 3 years.
  • Training discount: TRIUM Connectors receive a 20% discount on the subscription fee for any TRIUM training offering. TRIUM Connectors who are actively working on a TRIUM project at the time of subscription will get a 50% discount on the subscription fee for any TRIUM training offerings.
  • Fast invoice payment: TRIUM commits to pay their consultants within 14 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • Your personal details: You can easily join by completing your details using the link below. A completed confidentiality agreement and updated CV are required to complete your registration.
  • Further communication: As soon as an opportunity arises, you will be informed by e-mail, disclosing client details, available job description, workload and duration of the assignment. Further communication will be per e-mail and phone, as appropriate
  • Selection process: After the selection/interview process and as soon as the client confirms the collaboration, you will work as subcontractor of TRIUM.
  • Focus on Quality: You will be requested to complete applicable TRIUM training (free of charge) when required to fulfil an opportunity.

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Our Strength

  • Experienced and well-trained professionals
  • Attention to detail aligned with client needs
  • Dedicated account management
  • Global Coverage

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  • Dedicated business partner
  • In-depth staffing expertise
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