Update TRIUM Staffing Department

24 June 2020
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Thankful for what was and ready for what is yet to come!

Today we inform our clients and consultants that Annemieke Dubois, our director staffing, has accomplished her mission at TRIUM. Over the past years, Annemieke put the TRIUM staffing department in a strong pole position with continuous focus on finding the best possible person for the right job.  In order to ensure business continuity, Annemieke will hand-over with great care a mature department to Isabelle De Bock who will continue with pride & passion the work Annemieke did with so much dedication. While the staffing department set-up might evolve over time, Isabelle and Geneviève Heintz look very much forward to further support our clients and consultants as of July 1st.

Staffing Mailbox | @: staffing@triumclinicalconsulting.com

Thank you so much, Annemieke!

Although you will be missed, we are ready & proud to continue your mission with Isabelle and Geneviève.