Data Integrity (Classroom Training)


This training will provide broad awareness towards data integrity and explain how a company can implement a data integrity program for all employees. As part of this, data governance, data lifecycle, ALCOA and data integrity assessments are the core items of the data integrity training.

Intended Audience: anyone that is impacted by data integrity.

Learning objectives

By the end of this TRIUM Training you should be able to:

  • Create awareness on data governance and its applicability company wide.
  • Understand the data lifecycle and how this fits on top of the system lifecycle.
  • Understand the ALCOA expectations for paper-based and electronic systems.
  • Understand the process and implications of data integrity assessments.
Intended audience

Fundamental Level
Can perform the task and/or exhibit the knowledge at an essential or foundational level. May require some coaching or supervision.

Jonathan Boel
Jonathan’s main competences are his organizational abilities. He knows to set priorities. He keeps challenging and checking himself systematically, he commits to the final goal. Being flexible, he can easily adapt to situations. Experience wise, Jonathan has obtained a master degree of Industrial Engineering at University of Ghent and SLU. He has worked many years as a computer system validation consultant, general QA support and QMS implementations at multiple clients such as VUB, Sanquin, AMGEN, Johnson & Johnson.